Where to find free Wi-Fi anywhere in the world

To all asking where to find free Wi-Fi anywhere in the world. There is a FREE Android & iOS app for it with Over 100’000’000 accessible FREE Wi-Fi hotspot locations & Comments from Social Community.

Passwords for Wi-Fi in cafes, restaurants and other public places around the world. Most popular WiFi app in AppStore & Google Play, added by users over 100’000’000 Wi-Fi hotspots. Enjoy it, and add new passwords for other places.


America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Russia & even Africa

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Most comprehensive and up-to-date database of accessible Wi-Fi

Free application

Free version of WiFi Map was created for comfort and ease of use. It helps users save money on 3G/4G usage and preserve battery life, downloading apps, movies, music, playing games or simply checking email.

  • Passwords and comments for public Wi-Fi locations
  • Prepopulated Wi-Fi information available in offline mode
  • Contribute by adding new Wi-Fi info from places you visit
  • Update Wi-Fi passwords when applicable

Pro features

Constant issues with finding reliable internet when traveling has motivated creators to also create WiFi Map Pro. Wi-Fi spots even in the most remote places. Their Offline Map will guide you to Wi-Fi when your phone is not connected to internet.  Prior to traveling simply find the city you are about to visit and our app will store all the Wi-Fi info for future Offline usage.

Visit: http://www.wifimap.io