ELK Stack Developer

Remote job: ELK Stack Developer

We’re looking for an ELK guru with a tonne of experience building custom connectors.We require automation for Ingest pipelines / dashboard builds, for huge list of applications. Dashboards should be designed to most intuitively show the most valuable insights. Finished module will consist of:• Kibana JSON objects for index-pattern, visualizations and dashboards• Logstash pipeline configuration (or Elasticsearch ingest pipeline – but logstash is preferred)• Elasticsearch index template• Data source(s), one or more of:- API connector in Python or Golang- Custom beat implementation based on libbeat- Logstash input plugin in RubyArtefacts should be amenable to centralised management/deployment with Ansible, whether through templated logstash/beats configuration or POSTing to the Kibana saved objects API. All work must be compatible with ELK 7.1.1-oss. Where existing code is leveraged, it should be BSD / Apache licensed or similar – GPL-type licenses are acceptable if necessary but must be isolated. Proprietary-licensed code must not be used, eg the Elastic license.

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